Find Your Dream Home with AMD’s New Series Knock – Episode 1 : LIBERITÉ HOUSE – Mr. CASPER

Find Your Dream Home with AMD’s New Series Knock – Episode 1 : LIBERITÉ HOUSE – Mr. CASPER

10 April, 2023 amdmodular

For many people, a home is simply a place to shelter from the rain and sun, but for some others, it is also a healing space for oneself, a place to store the most precious memories of the family. Understanding this and desiring to bring smart and convenient living solutions to customers, AMD has been and is on the path of developing and expanding the module house model to customers inside and outside the country.

“Knock” is a new series copyrighted by AMD to knock on people’s doors and “come and feel” the most authentic emotional experiences of each customer when moving to their dream home built by us. The first episode of Knock has been released on AMD’s official YouTube channel, telling the story of Casper, a 20-year-old French guy living in a small house in the suburbs of Vung Tau. Casper’s family has been renting houses from Beijing to Ho Chi Minh City for many years, but due to health issues, Casper and his mother have always wished to have their own house in a peaceful countryside without smoke and dust, surrounded by nature.


The house consists of two separate blocks, including the S3A and S4 models in the Modular S collection of AMD. The two blocks correspond to the living space of two generations in the family, connected to each other through a common outdoor living space.

The house is designed in a familiar minimalist style, which meets functional needs while ensuring aesthetic value.


Follow us to visit the house of Casper, Knock’s first experience character to feel that guy’s freedom, happiness, and peace after moving into a new home.


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