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Modular S

S1 | 20.4 m2

Lead time: 6-10 weeks
Specifications Feature
16.0m2Kitchen & living room

Windows & Doors

Bathroom smart electric glass wall
Double-layer box glass wall (8-9-8)mm
Door with steel core, wood-covered surface


Smart Furniture
Mini Bar
Italian standard sanitary ware
Induction cooker
Odor extraction device




Heavy-duty steel frame wall
Floor bearing steel frame
Heavy-duty steel frame roof
Toilet and bathroom

Smart technology

Smart air conditioner
Light control
Curtains control
Security system
Music control
Voice control
Smart door lock

Environmentally friendly

Recyclable Materials
Eco-Friendly Construction Materials
Open space close to nature
Green energy
Non-fired brick

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S1 is the first prefab model in a total of 14 modular S models. This 20m2 prefab model promises to bring extremely close and convenient experiences in a compact space, warm. Launched by AMD with the …

S1 is the first prefab model in a total of 14 modular S models. This 20m2 prefab model promises to bring extremely close and convenient experiences in a compact space, warm.

Launched by AMD with the common name S P A C E, Modular S1 is considered a completely new construction solution to replace the old ways, opening up to investors and customers a lot of opportunities and experiences new.

Prefab house 20m2 - Compact but extremely comfortable and modern

Smart design

20m2 is quite a small area to build a complete house with full rooms (living, sleeping, kitchen and WC). Therefore, AMD has designed a prefab model S1 with 3 main rooms: living room, kitchen and WC. In particular, the living room can be both a living room and a bedroom. Make the most of every space in a 20m2 mobile home.

Simple design style but extremely "Western"

Inspired by Minimalism interior design style, this 20m2 mobile home model is towards minimalism, streamlined in every detail, from color to interior items. Simplicity is applied throughout each line, especially suitable for small spaces, making your home more neat and airy. In fact, this trend has been applied in many parts of the world, bringing harmony and breakthrough between exterior and interior spaces. The dynamism and uniqueness that the young house brings will beat any "enthusiastic heart".

Modern equipment, automation supports all activities

Aware of the change of society and the growing trend of modernization, the modular model S1 is equipped with the ultimate applications for technology to "live" with the rhythm of human movement. It can be pointed out such as smart furniture combined with sofa bed, voice control for air conditioners, anti-theft devices with sensors... Taking people as the center, the birth of technology is perfection. for an ever-increasing quality of life.

20m2 prefab house in harmony with nature

The common point between these S P A C E houses is the openness, harmony between living space and mountain nature. With S1, because the house area is quite small, only 20m2, the architects made the most of the space by using large glass windows to pull nature closer to life. Double layer glass box wall (8-9-8)mm both ensures shielding in all circumstances and makes the house closer to nature than ever.

Technology and materials for building a 20m2  mobile home

The models at AMD in general and this 20m2 mobile prefab model are all used modular mounting technology, modularized wall - ceiling - floor system with galvanized steel frame structure to ensure bearing capacity and durability. Inside the steel frame system is a layer of rockwool glass wool, the outside is covered by a rough plywood layer, providing excellent insulation for your home. The floor and foundation system uses cemboard concrete panels to bring stability to the house. In addition, the floor finish can be ceramic tiles or premium materials depending on the Standard or Luxury version. You can also choose to customize according to your personal preferences with the Customize version. With 4+ layers of sturdy materials and effective heat-proof, waterproof and soundproof process, the house will bring you a space that is not only comfortable but also very comfortable.

Mobile prefab house 20m2 - easy to transport, low cost

As mentioned above, this house model applies module assembly technology, each part of the house corresponds to 1 (several) small modules. These modules are manufactured in the factory according to a certain standard and transported to the construction site for installation and construction into a complete house. This not only saves a lot of time and construction costs, but also makes it easy to repair, upgrade, and move later. Not only with the above, the 20m2 S1 prefab model also has many outstanding advantages waiting for you to discover. This will definitely be your chance to have a truly memorable experience.

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